Hometown America – Corrupt City-States

Daily blog: It’s May 14th, 2021.

Dempubs dream of a country controlled by corrupt city-states where the citizens outside these zones have no voice.

Is this fact or fiction?

You’ll have to decide, but I can tell you the current administration wants to take neighborhood zoning decisions away from your hometown and put them into the hands of federal lackeys. 

They alone want to decide what does and does not get built next to your house. Biden’s infrastructure plan would allow for smaller lots and apartment buildings with fewer than six units to be built next to traditional houses.

This would be a disaster for your neighborhood, causing home values to drop.

And Biden wants to get your hometown to buy into his dream by bribing local reps with grant money.

Folks, this is why it is so important to stay on top of your local politics.

Say no to any grant money with corrupt terms. Unless, of course, it’s your dream to live under the control of a nearby city-state too.

Dempub (Democrats Republicans)

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