Hometown America – Feed Your Kids

Daily blog: It’s May 4th, 2021.

Millions of kids are on breakfast and lunch programs in America. And all the government can think to do is throw more money into them.

This is not a sustainable course of action.

Jobs are the answer. So go back to work; help wanted signs are everywhere. If you can not feed your kids, then get out there and find a way.

Be the parent, show your kids how to be self-reliant, and move hell and high water to feed them yourself.

If you allow the government to feed your kids, clothe your kids, put them down, and degrade them until there is no self-respect left in them. Then they are not your kids; like you, they are helpless servants to those in control.

Don’t let them tear your family apart. Use the food programs in an emergency, but do not make it a generational support system that makes you weaker in the end.

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