Dystopia Rising – Day 111 – Hope Rising

Daily blog: It’s April 27th, 2021.

Here in North Carolina, I see job opening signs everywhere, and businesses are having trouble finding people to work.

We are better than this America.

Stop taking government handouts. If you’ve had trouble finding work in the past, this is your opportunity to get the job you want.

Do not ride out your unemployment benefits to the end.

Go get a great job while they are available. If you wait, you will have to compete with all the others when their checks run dry.

A good life is out there. Go get it.

Tomorrow I am changing the name of my daily blog, “Dystopia Rising,” to a more positive “Hometown America,” to encourage all of us to take control of our lives, our country, and most importantly our hometowns.

2 thoughts on “Dystopia Rising – Day 111 – Hope Rising

    1. Yep, me too. But I found myself going around in circles. Now I’m ready to get people focused on bringing America back one town at a time. In turn, I would like to see people become more self sufficient personally and within their hometowns.

      It’s time to start cleaning this country up from the top down. The top being we the people and the bottom being the people who work for us in the federal government.

      It’s time for dystopia to fall.

      It’s time for freedom to ring loud and clear.


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