Dystopia Rising – Day 110 – California Bums

Daily blog: It’s April 26th, 2021.

Oh, the Dempubs. What a mess they are.

In California, Governor Newsom is about to get recalled. The voters there have officially surged past the signatures needed to get rid of the bum.

Now you would think this would be the end of the story, but it’s not. Those corrupt senate Dempubs in California are trying to change the recall rules for any future action by passing Bill S.B. 663. But it may as well be called S.B. 666.

Why? Because those little devils are trying to pass it in order to get the names of people who sign recall petitions in the future.

Now, why would they want those names? Intimidation would be my guess.

Californians have been living with fraud for years. How do you think old Pelosi stays in power. Look at her district. Nobody there is voting for her.

I say it’s time for Californians to free themselves from the tyranny they have been experiencing for years.

Recall all the bums.

One thought on “Dystopia Rising – Day 110 – California Bums

  1. Known as the Great Fear (la Grande peur), the agrarian insurrection hastened the growing exodus of nobles from the country and inspired the National Constituent Assembly to abolish feudalism on August 4, 1789, signing what the historian Georges Lefebvre later called the “death certificate of the old order.”. [France]

    History repeats itself. [California]

    I hope.

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