Dystopia Rising – Day 107 – Wrong Border

Daily blog: It’s April 23rd, 2021, and VP Harris made a trip to the border, but not for the reason you’re thinking.

Nope, she went north on a little campaigning trip with Maggie Hassan.

I guess we should be grateful for the 106 days of work we got out of her before she hit the campaign trail again. But hey, when you suck at your job as much as she does, you gotta get started early. And it takes money to steal an election.

Meanwhile, they are easing the crisis at the border by taking illegal immigrants out of the free hotels and sending them on a free plane ride. That’s right, to a city near you.

So buckle up cupcake. It’s going to be one hell of a ride this summer. And all you have to do for a ticket is give up your soul to the Dempub party.

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