Dystopia Rising – Day 105 – Smile

Daily blog: It’s April 21st, 2021, and I watched a video from a girl in Russia who traveled to America for eight months and then went back home. She had culture shock coming and going.

In America, she was shocked to see so many people smiling at her as they walked past. But eventually, she began to smile back.

When she went back home, she was shocked to see how gloomy everyone looked. There were some cultural reasons for this. But overhaul, she felt it was caused by the hard life they were living.

How long before America loses its smile? With the corruption I see today, it won’t be long.

Let’s come together, America before it is too late. And smile, we are not each other’s enemy as the Dempubs would have us believe.

“Peace begins with a smile..” 
― Mother Teresa

One thought on “Dystopia Rising – Day 105 – Smile

  1. I kept this post open and in front of me for nigh on to 30 minutes or more, trying to formulate a response as uplifting as the OP was trying to project, but each attempt brought me back to the realities I face in a country deeply divided.

    It certainly has been a while since I have “genuinely” smiled from the heart.

    Instead, my smiles are what I refer to as my “Walmart smile”; a quick uplifting of the corners of my mouth as I pass a Walmart employee or customer, wishing that they have a good day.

    I mean it, I really do, but the true and genuine smile is when you care about someone deeply enough to think of Mae West.

    “Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

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