Dystopia Rising – Day 102 – Bio Labs

Daily blog: It’s April 18th, 2021.

I read a news story today that said China is opening new bio labs. That should not surprise anyone. My guess is every country that hates America is doing the same.

After all, we have shown how controllable we can be when frightened.

Yep, a tyrant’s recipe, created in a lab and blamed on bats, is probably in the works right now. Just add a little virus, propaganda media, corrupt WHO, corrupt CDC, corrupt politicians, and a pinch of dumb ass, do as they’re told Americans, and you got yourself some socialist stew.


One thought on “Dystopia Rising – Day 102 – Bio Labs

  1. In response to your accurate assessment, the government’s solution will be to triple up on the number of masks we are forced to wear all day, until the inside of our lungs take on the appearance of the lint filter in my clothes dryer on towel day.

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