Dystopia Rising – Day 92 – It Was So Easy

Daily blog: It’s April 8th, 2021.

If I was a Dempub, I would be amazed at how easy it was to steal an election.

So amazed that I would start doing as I please regardless of the law.

As President, I would go s step further and issue a set of executive actions aimed to confront not just the gun crisis but what is actually a public health crisis.

That’s right, I would have guns become a public health crisis. And why not? The last public health crisis we used got us universal mail-in ballots to harvest votes with.

Hell, if I was a Dempub, I would consider myself golden.

All the American people do is whine, and most of them have no clue that the Democrat and Republican parties work as one for the good of themselves, not the people.

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