Dystopia Rising – Day 81 – Woke

Daily blog: It’s March 28th, 2021, and the woke don’t seem so woke this year.

Remember when they cared about kids in cages? Not anymore.

How about politicians who sexually assault women? Surely these women must be mistaken. Unless, of course, they are accusing a conservative.

Election interference? Not when they’re doing it.

Racism? Now that’s funny. They’re not racist or sexist unless it’s against a white male; then it’s okay.

Equality? Nope, that’s only for woke people.

Higher Taxes? My mistake. They’ve not flipped on this issue. They need higher taxes to fund all their woke programs to keep American people under their thumb.

“The left don’t attack racism, they attack the race, which of course is the definition of racism. They have this idea that no matter what is done or said to white people, it is not racism. That is their mentality.” 

― Robert Black

One thought on “Dystopia Rising – Day 81 – Woke

  1. They’re teaching our kids that they care about them and that their parents don’t. They tell them it’s ok to rebel against their parents, that they have a right to do so. And if their parent tries to punish them, call them and they’ll arrest the parent.

    This is going on here in NC and across the country. Germany all over again, where the government took control of educating the children of the country, and the kids turned the mothers and fathers in to the SS.

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