Dystopia Rising – Day 77 – The Circus

Daily blog: It’s March 24th, 2021, and the Uniparty’s three-ring circus we call the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial would be a good show if not for the do-nothing clowns we’ve hired to entertain us.

It’s all a big top show to keep us calm while they burn the tent down.

The Dems do something stupid, and the Pubs go on TV to complain, but nothing ever gets done.

“Popcorn, hotdogs, stimulus checks, higher taxes,” they cry out, hoping you will buy into it all.

One thought on “Dystopia Rising – Day 77 – The Circus

  1. We all are told of the blind leading the blind, and the pit is very deep. They are so sure of their power and positions, that they never look and see the Lion coming from their rear.
    A large and ferrous lion with a great appetite, seeking to devour them all. And they never thought to lock the backdoor.


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