Dystopia Rising – Day 71 – The Headlines

Daily blog: It’s March 18th, 2021.

The Headlines:

Columbia Univerity hosting six separate graduation ceremonies based on income level, race, ethnicities.

MLK must be shaking his head in disgust.

Defense secretary warns North Korea that U.S. forces ready to ‘fight’ tonight.

Yep, we’re back at it with little Kim again, except this time, he has the advantage against our senile president.

Iran has built new ballistic missile launch positions, satellite images show.

Why not? The Dempubs probably funded the whole thing with all that Obama cash.

Dr.Siegel: We knew last summer that coronavirus didn’t spread in schools but kept them closed anyway.

They had to; it was all part of the steal the 2020 election plan. And it worked.

Sister of fallen LAPD officer says it is ‘scary’ to live in L.A. right now.

It’s getting scary to live in any of the big Dempub cities. Corruption rules the day as it does in Congress.

And that’s it, that’s your headlines for Thursday, the 18th. So I’ll leave you with this thought:

Depopulate the big cities and repopulate our small towns with common sense people. These cities are jeopardizing the very fabric of our country.

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