Dystopia Rising – Day 58 – Dependance Day

Daily blog: It’s March 5th, 2021.

Dependance Day, fiction or future reality?

“A great war waged against the people without a single shot fired; it ended July 4th, 2022, Dependence Day.

Social justice warriors from across the country cheered; their dream of utopia had come true. There was no longer a need for cash. Citizens received government-approved digital currency monthly as long as their social scorecard showed them worthy.

A unified record system tracked each individual’s behavior for trustworthiness. Those who failed….”

Could this story come true? You decide while you still can.

Social Credit System = Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “Dystopia Rising – Day 58 – Dependance Day

  1. Well; you probably know as well as I do, not to be a doom & gloom guy, but our GOD has proclaimed it will. I see this as GODS PROCLAMATION, of the Days of Sorrow. And it only gets worse. Know his plans and preparing, will get us throught most. I do believe that the US will be a refuge for those that believe, but never the great nation it once was.

    We will see his hand of anger against who rage against him, and watch as their demise fall upon them. He warns us as he has throught history, to prepare and flee the cities. There will be a time when there are no vegetation upon the earth, so we must store up now.

    This is what I believe and see coming. The wise will read and understand and ccx follow his council.

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  2. We have and are tagged according to the different classes they have determined. They know your likes and dislikes, when round-up time comes, they already know who will go willingly and those who want.
    To think now that you will disappear/vanish after you have given them full knowledge of you habits and and have shown them the very nature of your being, don’t fool yourself, they know how you will react, where you may go, who you may contact, where you have stashed your goods and if you have any combat training, except those who have been trained to evade such, they were such deep dark ops, that most don’t know of their existence nor have the clearance to even know of their existence.

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