Dystopia Rising – Day 39 – Insulin

Daily blog: It’s February 14th, 2021, and the price of insulin is but one example of a rigged system that’s putting Americans at risk.

The article I link to below does a good job of exposing the web of greed. But it also ends by saying:

“Insulin pricing in the United States is unfortunately only one example of the complexity of a for-profit healthcare system.”

This statement is incorrect. The problem lies with the government interference in a market that should be free. 

Without a truly free market in healthcare, you get the BS described in the article. And an unfair playing field that protects the elite and the representatives they own.

The free market is being crushed by the Dempubs on purpose. And the statement I highlighted above is just another example of propaganda to get you begging for socialist healthcare.

The ultimate goal is total control over your daily lives, and they do not care how many people die from the lack of affordable insulin as long as it produces the results they want.

Having two or three big pharmaceutical companies acting as if they are competing against one another is not a free market. They are, in fact, working as one, just like Big Tech.

Just like the Dempubs (Democrats and Republicans)

Our representatives should be watching over a fair playing field. Instead, they name the field after their biggest donors.

How Insulin Pricing Works In the USA

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