Dystopia Rising – Day 36 – Scared Little Rabbits

Daily blog: It’s February 11th, 2021, and the federal government is out of control, hungry for more power.

They want to centralize control in Washington, but the power lies in our states and the counties within.

To combat this problem, they are trying to gain control of each state’s large cities. And the scared little rabbits that dwell there.

That’s right, while most Americans raised self-reliant kids, a large portion has not. And the results of this are most prevalent in our cities. 

These kids, I call scared little rabbits, were hovered over, tracked, and watched by their parents. Then they went on to school, where they were trained to hate America and themselves.

Instead of learning new skills to help them survive independently, they were immersed in gender studies; no he or she anymore. What do your parents know about sex?

Their parents are stupid, they were told.

The world is dying, they were told.

The government knows best, they were told.

As adults, these clueless kids want Uncle Sam to care for them. They have no problem being told what to do or being locked down for their safety. After all, they were trained to do so in school.

From the safety of their high rise hutches, they cower, tapping away on their phones for someone to bring them food.

Folks, it’s time to depopulate the cities by calling your kids home. You need them, and they will need you as the truth of socialism continues to show its ugly head.

“In a big city you become a ghost; you walk on the crowded streets and realise that you are a kind of transparent entity; an indistinct being, a thing which is not something!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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