Dystopia Rising – Day 31 – The Setup

Daily blog: It’s February 6th, 2021, and the Dems, who’ve been crushing the economy, using Covid1984, have you on your knees begging to kiss Pelosi’s ring for some chicken scratch.

And she’ll give it to you, as long as you’re okay with them packing relief bills with payback money for their partners in crime while looking in disgust as Uncle Sam slings a couple thousand across the land.

“Come on, Man! What the hell’s wrong with you people? Stop being so greedy.” they’ll say. You better listen too, or old man Biden might ask you to step outside, man to man, man to woman, man to whatever the hell you’re calling yourself these days.

Let’s face it, America, the banks are broken, and the magic money they’ve been handing out around the world is setting us up for failure.

And guess who fault it is? It’s those mean old GOP members. Yep, it’s a setup, all right. And we know it. The problem is, no one seems to care. It’s like we’re riding in a car about to go over a cliff and all we can think to do is scrunch down in the seat and brace for impact, hoping it won’t hurt too much.

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