Dystopia Rising – Day 24 – To-Do List

Daily blog: It’s January 30th, 2021, and the first thing on the to-do list for our state representatives should be a bill to make sure elections in the future are not stolen.

They can do this by having a system that looks like this:

1 – Voter identification. There is no reasonable argument to be made against voter identification. Most Americans already have an identification card of some type. Plus, you can get one at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

2 – Hand-marked paper ballots with random numbers at the top and a scribble box at the bottom. The voter could then have their ballot scanned and a copy given to them. After voting ends, each voter could enter the random number online to view it. If there is a discrepancy, they could come forward and challenge it with their copy.

3 – No universal mail-outs. Absentee voters would need to request the same type of ballot as above. And voters must have them postmarked ten days before the election.

4 – The memory disk stays locked on voting scanners until all precincts have closed. These machines will not be wired into the internet.

The pros of this system are:

Saves taxpayers money by removing the line of fraudulent voting machines which pump data out in real-time.

If the power goes out, a small generator can power up the voting scanners and emergency lights for a precinct.

Absentee votes have to be in before election day, eliminating late-night mail dumps.

The cons of this system are:


If you agree with me, share this post and email a copy of the steps to your state representatives.



One thought on “Dystopia Rising – Day 24 – To-Do List

  1. Only problem is, our election wasn’t stolen. Stealing is something you do behind d people’s back so you don’t get caught.
    They took the election, regardless of optics. They took it right from under our very noses. And no one of any significance did a damn thing about it.
    And no one in the future will do a damn thing about it either, because after all with all the kick backs and the moral grandstanding about it all, it’s not such a bad job and the bank account gets fatter and fatter.
    Future elections will also be taken. Who is going to rule us isn’t going to be decided by voters. It’s been and will forever now, be decided by the totalitarian regime of the USSA.
    Welcome to our worst nightmare. The Constitution is obsolete. The USA is dead.

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