Dystopia Rising – Day 4 – Hung Out To Dry

Daily blog: It’s January 10th, and the unrest we see in America lies squarely at the feet of the Supreme Court Justices. Had these men and women took time to hear the election fraud case, they could have given a legal explanation for or against it, which would have satisfied the people.

So we must ask ourselves why—why are they sitting silently on this matter?

Are they being blackmailed?

Has a super race of aliens taken over their minds?

Is an asteroid about to hit the planet, so why bother?

Members of a secret society?

Did bigfoot tell them not to do it?



To busy playing thug life?

Secret military plan to save the world.

Not enough money in the treasury to make it worth their time.

No, wait, I’ve got it. Super-Volcanoes are about to explode, sending the earth into a years-long volcanic winter. So the United States of America has activated its Last Hope survival plan, sending them all to the government’s underground bunkers.

Yeah, that’s it—that’s why they hung us all out to dry.

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