Dystopia Rising – Day 3 – The Exodus

Daily blog: It’s January 9th, and the freedom to speak your mind on Twitter/Facebook is over. They have shown their arrogance and only want your data for which they can sell.

This move to filter what people get to read or not read is pushing people away, especially writers who love their freedom of expression.

Writers, singers, actors, painters, thinkers; all of us who value free speech will find another platform.

I am currently on Parler/MEWE. And looking at other platforms that value my work as well. And I hope to find you there, so we can agree, disagree, debate, and love. It’s the American way.

One thought on “Dystopia Rising – Day 3 – The Exodus

  1. What patrots ott to do is: flood; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with so much media crap that it over loads their system and causes it to shout down. And do it repeatedly.
    That would sent a signal to them and all those libs that use it, that we aren’t taking it laying down.

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