Washington D.C. – Jan 6 Video

Wow! What a day, I was unable to upload videos due to congestion. But I will get them up as soon as possible. I just got back to the campground.

The Rally went well for most of the day but soon took a turn when protesters marched to the Capital. Most people have left, leaving the ones you see on the news tonight.

Update: 1/7/21 – This video documents the January 6th, 2021 March on Washington from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building. The event was full of peaceful protestors, but the news only focused on the rioters. Rioters and looters have been silencing the voice of peaceful protestors all year long. And the media needs to separate the two in their reporting. If not, rioters will show up at every protest from now on as a tool to silence any opposition.

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