Day Zero – Call Me Crazy

Daily blog: It’s December 26th, and we are living a conspiracy theory.

Last year, if I told you, we would be living in a draconian world due to a virus with a similar kill rate as the common flu. You would have called me crazy.

If I told you, some Americans would be forced to stay home while others were forced to work….

If I told you, big corporations would be allowed to stay open while small businesses were not….

If I told you, schools would be shut down, depriving your kids of a whole year of learning….

If I told you, our roaring economy would be brought down by a submissive citizenry….

If I told you, governors would break laws and rule as little kings. Forcing you to do one thing while they did another….

If I told you, all three government branches would be overrun with corruption to the point a fraudulent election could be won….

If I told you, people would be clamoring for a vaccine in which there was no time for serious testing….

If I told you, China would successfully deploy a biological attack against America designed to destroy our economy.


Conspiracy theories are just that, theories. But it does not mean you should completely ignore them.

If you hear one, look to see how hard others try to suppress it; let that be your meter. Because nobody gives two shits about a false one.

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