Day Zero – Two Halves of A Body

Daily blog: It’s December 19th, and two halves of a body cannot move forward if it does not work together, nor can a nation.

As one leg moves, the other drags behind—the lame leg choosing to starve by the roadside.

“But look,” it cries out. “President Harris has a wheelchair; just sit down and obey.”

But the right leg refuses.

“Please sit down,” the left demands again, “you are putting us all at risk. Let the doctors wrap you too. The socialists have prepared a safe place for us all.” 

One thought on “Day Zero – Two Halves of A Body

  1. So right. But the left can’t see due to brain fog, so they keep trying the same thing over and over, thinking that the same old tricks will work on America too.
    We been free to long to fully fall for their ridiculousness and shames.

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