Day Zero – Conspiracy Theory

Daily blog: It’s November 27th, and you are a conspiracy theorist if you do not believe the approved narrative pushed out by the news and social networks.

To question them with a theory void of facts is–well, socialist blasphemy. How dare you lowly Proles think for yourself. To do so makes you a conspiracist. But have no fear; they are working on interventions to help you reduce conspiracy beliefs, including maintaining an open society and improving the general public’s analytical thinking skills.

However, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a theory can be:

aa hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation

ban unproved assumptionCONJECTURE

So why are they afraid of you? Why do forum moderators, social fact-checkers, and the like feel the need to protect the public from your thoughts?

Simple, because all too often, those theories of yours become facts; for example:

The Deep State: was called a conspiracy theory.

An RFID chip in your arm was called a conspiracy theory.

A Social Credit System for individuals: was called a conspiracy theory.

A facial recognition system to track your movements was called a conspiracy theory.

And a cashless society was once called a conspiracy theory.

I could go on, but to do so will get me labeled a conspiracy theorist. And I must not think for myself.

“It is the rare fortune of these days that one may think what one likes and say what one thinks.”

― Tacitus, Histories of Tacitus

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