Day Zero – Locusts

Daily blog: It’s November 22nd, and New York City, along with San Fransisco, Detroit, LA, Portland, Atlanta, and any number of other socialist held cities are falling into chaos. I say socialist held because the Deep State traitors that run these cities and their states come in both flavors; republican and democrat.

We can not allow this to continue and must remove them from their seats.

These political rats, like rodents, have literally overrun their cities. Making middle of the road liberals rethink their commitment to the utopia dream.

The only problem is they are moving away from the chaos they helped create instead of fighting back, choosing to move to other states for a fresh start.

Some of these people will become beloved citizens of their new homes. But, regretfully, many will fly in like locusts to destroy them too. Thus starting the process all over again.

In her book The Little Foxes, Lillian Hellman wrote:

“Well, there are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it like in the Bible with the locusts. Then there are people who stand around and watch them eat it. (Softly) Sometimes I think it ain’t right to stand and watch them do it.” 

I have to agree with her. I think it ain’t right to stand and watch them do it.

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