Day Zero – Puppies

Daily blog: It’s November 13th, and the puppies are grown; now trained, the dogs are showing their teeth. And the shit in the media pig pen runs deep.

If you’ve read the book Animal Farm, you know what I mean.

There seems to be a conscious effort by news networks to push untruths, one being Joe Biden is the President-elect, which he is not by law. And another that this has been the most secure election in history. Both claims are laughable, but the number of sheep eating from their troughs is troubling.

These sheep, who have very little understanding of the political atmosphere they support, are the voice of blind conformity. And beat drums to drown out any opposition or alternative views from the rest of us.

We must speak louder, lest we see America fall.

George Baumier said, “A great wave of oppressive tyranny isn’t going to strike, but rather a slow seepage of oppressive laws and regulations from within will sink the American dream of liberty.” And he might be right if we don’t wake up.

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